Scumbagz Frenchie Photos and Illustrations

Instagrammer, Scumbagz, has an incredible stream of creativity when it comes to shots and illustrations of his incredibly photogenic Frenchie. From simple portraits to creative costumes and amazing mashup illustrations (e.g. Spongebob x Frenchie, Mario x Frenchie…you get the idea), every frame brings something wonderful and wild. Check it out…


scumbagz-frenchie-highsociety  scumbagz frenchie thug lifescumbagz-frenchie-batdog

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For more shots of French Bulldog friends you can find all of the Batpig’s instagram likes on Batpig and Me Tumble It, and keep up with the Batpig’s instagramming moments as @batpigandme, through the “batpigandme instagram” facebook album or on the web!

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