Boodha LeFrogDog’s Halloween-spiration

It’s a bear, it’s a bee, it’s a bunny… No! It’s our furry facebook Frenchie pal, Boodha LeFrogDog rocking costumes like no other bully can! Check out Boo’s festive digs and get inspired for your fur-ball’s Halloween costume.


Boodha LeFrogDog (French Bulldog extraordinaire) rocks costumes like a bully pro!
  • Panda Boo

    Boodha makes a great Frenchie, but he makes a pretty great panda too!
  • Bee Boo

    Boodha LeFrogDog rocks his halloween costume at the Big Boo Halloween Party!
  • bee-boo-running
  • bee-boo
  • Hunnie Boobear

    It's hard to pick a favorite costumed Boo, but Hunnie Boobear is definitely up there...
  • hunnie-boobear-3
  • hunnie-boobear-2

  • hunnie-boobear-1

  • Bunny Boo

    Boodha rocks his bunny costume for easter.
  • bunny-boo-8
  • bunny-boo-7
  • bunny-boo-6
  • bunny-boo-5
  • bunny-boo-4
  • bunny-boo-3
  • bunny-boo-2
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