Batpig Stickers!

Batpig Stickers

So here they are- die cut, weather-proof, vinyl Batpig stickers! Just what everyone needs! The stickers (made by stickermule) are about 3 x 3 inches. I had fifty of them made so they’ll be first come first serve!

Batpig Sticker Proof

How to get one:

To get your Batpig sticker send us (Batpig and Me) your name and address via ask the batpig

It’s not mandatory, but if you’d like to show your appreciation by paying a buck or two, I’ll be donating all of the money to the French Bulldog Rescue Network (you can donate directly or let me know in your message and I can send you a link to donate via paypal).

Other forms of payment include:

  • Adorable pictures of your pooch
  • Shots of your sticker somewhere once you have it
  • Your love and appreciation

Hope you like them as much as I do!

Face licks from the Batpig!!


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