14 Birthday Bulldogs

These French Bulldogs know how to party! Check out these birthday bulldogs…

Birthday Bulldogs

14 French Bulldogs who know how to party!
  • rai511 (1)

    Happy 6th Birthday
  • instakohl

    "Tank suggested a red velvet cake for my birthday yesterday."
  • misspiggyusa

    misspiggyusa Happy 1st Birthday Piggy!
  • Panda and Penguin

    Panda and Penguin from French Bulldog Friends
  • Cooper

    Cooper from French Bulldog Friends
  • Brodie

    Brodie from French Bulldog Friends
  • sexxxydexyfrenchie

    Happy 6 months birthday to me! -Dexter
  • Buki

    Buki from French Bulldog Friends
  • rai511 (2)

    Birthday Party!
  • Butters

    Butters from French Bulldog Friends
  • Sookie

    Sookie from French Bulldog Friends
  • worldwarmike

    Pony's birthday.
  • aiko_kiz

    Fanny's 2nd birthday!
  • hellonamesbaron

    It's my 2nd birthday today! - Baron

Many thanks to our pals at French Bulldog Friends and our birthday-loving instagram bulldog buddies: rai511, instakohl, misspiggyusa, sexxxydexyfrenchie, worldwarmike, aiko_kiz, and hellonamesbaron.

As always, we love adding to these collections to definitely send us your Frenchie birthday photos (you can add as a comment below, or hit us up on facebook, twitter etc.)

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