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If your house looks anything like mine then dog toys feature prominently into your ‘decorating’ scheme, your kitchen is accented with food and water bowls and the most comfortable-looking item in your living room is a dog bed. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have it any other way… Enter inubar where human standards of aesthetics and function meet the products pets will love (and, what’s more, you get them at discounted prices).

Puff the Pomeranian on his Pippa Print bed

Puff the Pomeranian on his Pippa Print bed

Inspired by co-founder Ran Tao’s insanely adorable Pomeranian (and inubar product tester), Puff, inubar’s mission is pretty much every dog-owned human’s dream:

[quote style=”1″]We’re here to help you discover the best for your pet. Don’t settle for ugly, boring stuff just because well-designed pet products are expensive and hard to find. At inubar, we spend our days searching endlessly to find pet products both you and Fido will love. Stay tuned – every week, we’ll introduce new finds across Bedding, Dining, Toys & Accessories, all for a limited time at introductory prices below retail.[/quote]

Products in their constantly changing, curated collection range from cute and kitschy presents (see Mitt Romney and Barack Obama chew toys), to classy chic pieces that will please your dog and your eye for design. It’s not just for little dogs either! Products are tested by Puff and the Inubar 5 who (in addition to being adorable) range in size from a Shih Tzu to a Rhodesian Ridgeback, so you can be confident that your items will satisfy your pooch of any dimensions.


[quote style=”1″] To give you a little more background on our story, inubar was inspired by Puff, our lovely Pomeranian. Puff is still a puppy (turns 1 in November), and we found it was really hard to shop for him, so we’re now on a mission to make it easy for pet owners to find cool and well-designed products that aren’t typically found in big box retailers. We’re very selective with the products we feature on the site, and everything is curated around design, uniqueness & a focus on highlighting artisan suppliers.[/quote]

As far as inubar’s goal of finding amazing and unique artisan products go Batpig and Me think it’s mission accomplished.

So don’t delay, get your invite to inubar and elevate your dog’s design today! You can also stay in touch with inubar on facebook, twitter and pinterest. And, as a bonus, check out this über adorable picture of puff in chucks:

puff in shoes

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