Some California Canine Pals

Well, leaving the Batpig and our faithful companion Toad behind was no easy task, but some friendly fidos added that certain canine je ne sais quoi to my family affair in California this past weekend.

The Davis Farmer’s Market was a happening spot for delicious treats and adorable dogs:

Exhibit A: Pepper, the 9 month old French Bulldog puppy (owned by instagram’s @shinysequins– no pics up yet, but with a dog like this we all know it’s inevitable) was pretty much lethally adorable
Pepper the French Bulldog

Exhibit B: another smushfaced friend, Tyson the English Bulldog looking handsome as ever!
Tyson the English Bulldog

Exhibit C: with bat ears and stubby legs, this adorable Corgi certainly brightened my dayDavis Corgi

A lunch stop at Salsa-lito also brought new furry delights in the form of one very friendly Bernese Mountain Dog, and a Blue Brindle Frenchie named Bruno (yes, I know the breeding around specialized colors is trés problematic- but it didn’t make this little dude any less heart meltingly irresistible)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bruno the Blue Frenchie

But, of course, nothing beats coming home to my baby boys: Batpig & Toad!

Batpig at Home

Batpig and Toad Home Again

Want to meet more of our fuzzy friends?

Come say hey to Batpig & Me on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and flickr (hint- if we’re there you can count on our handle being @batpigandme). The Batpig promises lots of stubby tail wiggles and face licks for all!

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