Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud and Her Trio of French Bulldogs

Sara Harding and Fawn French Bulldog

The Girls Aloud reunion should be a walk in the park for Sarah Harding if she can manage three French bulldogs.

Sara Harding and Her Three French Bulldogs, Courtesy of Splash News

Writes Gordon Smart, Showbiz Editor of the UK-based Sun newspaper:

[quote style=”1″]The singer took her mutts for their daily walkies near her north London home yesterday.

She has swapped tear-ups for workouts since her trip to rehab late last year.

But she hasn’t quit booze completely. She told New! magazine said: “I’m allowed to drink in moderation. I have a couple of glasses here and there with dinner.”

The early-morning jaunts with the dogs must be easier without a hangover.[/quote]

via Sarah Harding walking dog | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre.

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