Frenchie Friends Poochie Polaroids

We decided to have some fun with photoshop and turn some of our french bulldog friends’ instagram pics into fake polaroids (fauxlaroids, if you will.)French Bulldog Pictures as Polaroids

Princess the Frenchie by @Subykshalovedoggylove frenchie in aviator sunglassesBorat the French Bulldog from FrenchBulldogRescueReuben the French Bulldog on his Back by reuben111804French Bulldog Polaroid from Mimu_56Pied Eye Frenchie by F_VikingRabi1217 French Bulldog PolaroidMaaanasan Frenchie PolaroidFuku the Frenchie by hata_bowPhiiskysmom Frenchie PolaroidSumico Polaroid of two French Bulldogs

We tried our very best to link to our brilliant furry pals and give them all the street cred they deserve, but let us know if you find anything gone awry! Very special thanks to our Instagram pals: sumico, philskysmom, hata_bow, maaanasan, rabi1217, f_viking, mimu_56 , reuben111804, frenchbulldogrescue, lovedoggylove, and subyksha.

For more instagrammin’ adventures just follow our paw prints…

Face licks and stubby tail wiggles!

~ Batpig & Me ~

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