Get Lucky with BlanketID Tags

When it comes to blanketID we hardly know where to begin, but since St. Patrick’s day is upon us we thought we’d start by showing off their four-leaf clover design:

Clover blanketID tag from Mascot collection

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The Clover is just one blanket’s Mascot collection: [quote style=”1″]A specially designed range of stylish ID tags from Mascot and blanket ID. A partnership that delivers the good luck and charm of Mascot with all the protection of a blanket ID tag … Who’s a lucky dog then?[/quote] Blanket ID Mascot Collection Pin It
blanket fund for animalsThe blanket ID mission isn’t just about looking good either- it’s about making sure your animal is safe (read here to learn more about how blanket works to get your pet home as fast as possible), and when you buy a blanket tag for your pet 15% of their proceeds go to the Blanket Fund to help animals in need. Pretty much, they’re the bee’s knees- they get a big Batpig face lick of approval!

About blanket:


In addition to providing a great looking ID tag for your pet, we deliver a seriously effective solution to the problem of losing a pet. Regardless of how your pet gets lost, we strive to make sure that they get home safely and quickly.

We work closely with all animal charities and we welcome approaches from organizations that could use our help. Every ID tag and membership purchased generates money for animal causes and we all greatly enjoy being able to help.

We aim to become the preferred method of pet identification and a driving force behind building an online community to help support animal welfare.

Here’s hoping that you’ll join us.

Check out more great finds from blanketID through their blog Under the Blanket, and via their awesome Pinterest finds.

You can also stay in touch with blanketID on facebook and twitter,

How blanket ID works from blanket ID on Vimeo.

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