Eli, No! A Delightfully Doggy Story

This tale of a canine pal and occasional trouble-maker, Eli, is a delight to both the designer and the dog-lover in me. Author/illustrator Katie Kirk successfully turned the frustrating moments of dog ownership into something beautiful and fun.

Eli No!Book Cover

Dog Running Away

Dog eating human food

Dog makes muddy mess

Dog knocking down furniture

Artist’s About:

Eli no! A story about a dog, amusing antics and unconditional love. by Katie Kirk

What is the book about?

Eli is an adorable dog! But he likes to get into trouble. So what do we say when we see him misbehave? Eli, no! It’s easy to read, and even more fun to shout!

How did the book come to be?

The book was inspired by my nephew, Parker. Whenever we were together, I would say “Eli no!” — and every time I said it, he would say it too! He liked how fun it was to say and so did I. I had always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book, and I thought this idea was too fun not to do.

About me:

Katie Kirk is a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a love of vector art and patterns, Katie is always in the mood to scheme, collaborate and create. Together with her husband, Nathan Strandberg, she started Eight Hour Day, a multi-disciplinary, multi-talented design boutique. Katie and Nathan aspire to live a designed life(style), where work, play and inspiration are all equal and integrated organically. In 2009, Communication Arts Magazine certified them as “fresh.” In 2010, HOW Magazine featured them in a cover story. “Every project that passes through the door of this two-person shop,” the magazine wrote, “seems to have an extra spark of energy or imagination that draws you in for closer inspection.” Eight Hour Day’s client list includes Target, the New York Times, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Minnesota Opera, Wired, and the Walker Art Center. The studio’s newest endeavor began in October 2010, when Katie and Nathan hit the road for a year of travel around the United States in search of design, inspiration and adventure.

Eight Hour Day website: http://eighthourday.com/



Eli, no!.

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