Bam the French Bulldog by Bailey & Banjo

Alas, my impending departure for work does not allow me sufficient time to gush about just how amazing this portrait, by two talented yellow labs- Bailey and Banjo– and their owner/photographer (Julie), truly is. Bam, the French Bulldog below, seems to have a lot of the same interests as a certain batpig I know…

Bam the French Bulldog by Bailey and Banjo

Artist’s About

We are Bailey and Banjo…two yellow labs that live with a photographer who won’t stop taking portraits of us. Her name is Julie and she takes fantastic, artistic and fun portraits of Banjo and me. We like to look back and remember the fun times we had at the dog park with our friends, our walks, fun days at the beach and our many road trips.

I will admit that I think Banjo is a bit of a dope. I generally like to act like I don’t enjoy Banjo’s company, but really…he’s my buddy and I’d be lost without him. I’m so thankful Julie was able to create this artwork and that Banjo will always have something to remember me, and all of our fun times together. We even have a few with Julie, hopefully she’s going to post some.

Julie loves to take portraits, I always see her with a camera creating art of her son and friends and other families. I am glad she finally decided to stop all that and focus just on pets (well with the exception of her own family). She’s the best at that. I heard her say that her goal is to tell your story as you see it, with beautiful, fun and creative images that capture the true essence of you, your dog, and that relationship you share.

If you’re ready to find out more about how Julie can give you custom art as special as she’s given me and Banjo then start here and you’ll be on your way! Woof!

Julie Clegg | Bailey & Banjo

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