Frog Dogs of the Past: The French Bulldog Magazine, 1913

Although French Bulldogs as a breed were recognized by certain clubs as early as the 1850’s, 1913 marked the first issue of The French Bulldog: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to French Bulldogs (seen below).

The French Bulldog Magazine, 1913

While there are a number of modern publications dedicated to French Bulldogs (see Information Resources [pdf] from the French Bulldog Club of America) I was unable to track down a modern iteration of this monthly magazine. However, the Shakespeare quotation included on the cover rings true for Frenchies today:

[quote style=”1″]Sir, he’s a good dog, and a fair dog. Can more be said?[/quote]

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Hello, The medallion at the bottom of the cover was based on an actual bronze medal designed by Gustav Manz (1865-1946). You can see an image of the original on my blog:
I’d love to know the source of the image and, ideally, the repository for the magazine. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Best, Laura

posted by Laura Mathews / 12.10.15 - 12:09 pm

Hi Laura,
I’ll try to hunt that down for you when I get home!

posted by batpigandme / 12.10.15 - 12:30 pm


posted by Laura Mathews / 12.11.15 - 12:31 pm

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