MisfitPUGG – Changing Lives One Pug At A Time

MisfitPUGG is a project brought to you by Stitch and Jezabel, with the aim of changing dogs’ and peoples’ lives ‘One Pug at a Time’!

MisfitPUGG has teamed up with the Pug Rescue Network to ensure that the proceeds of their line of ‘MuttGear’ and ‘Pajamas for Everypawdy’ go towards getting dogs rehabilitated and in their forever homes where they will undoubtedly rescue the humans who need them most!

pug rescue network logo

And now is the perfect time to get in on the action with their Valentine’s day promotions:

Be a Rescue Dogs Valentine

Jezabel (the human half of the duo) writes:

‘No, I didn’t Rescue Stitch.. Stitch Rescued Me…
This is my way of say’N I LOVE You Stitcher! & Thank you for saving my life’

Come check us out!
The Design is Inspired by Our very Own Stitch The Love Pug!
Our Design was hand painted OOAK Portrait of Stitch!!
That has been printed on our Entire Line of ComfyGear

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