Celebrity Frenchies: Tommy Hilfiger with Jimi and Dylan

Tommy Hilfiger with Frenchies

Photo Credit: Martin Schoeller

Yet another stylin’ celeb who can’t resist the French Bulldog charm: Tommy Hilfiger!

Hilfiger and his pups are living it up in a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar piece on Designer Pets

“The designer rocks out with his musically inclined French bulldogs. “Jimi and Dylan fought like cats and dogs. Then one day, they fell in love.” Dress, $628, and sandals, $228, Tommy Hilfiger. tommy.com. Menswear, Hilfiger’s own. Dog collars, Trixie + Peanut. Headphones, Sony.”

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French Bulldogs Jimi and Dylan

French Bulldogs Jimi and Dylan

Our Frog Dog-loving friends over at FrenchieSpace revelled in this find as well:

“Tommy’s preppy style appeals to certain people.  As Frenchie lovers we approve of his fashion forward frog-dogs.  Who knew with such a straight-laced look that Tommy would name his dog’s after music icons, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan?  He just got a little bit cooler in our book.”

via Tommy Hilfiger with Frenchies, Jimi and Dylan.

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