Floating Frenchies

Not a naturally buoyant breed- French Bulldogs need all the help they can get when it comes to the floating department…

French Bulldog Chikuwa swimming

French Bulldog in a Lifejacket

french bulldog


If that camera weren't there, I'd bite you.

The Swimming Onion

swimming frenchie


I love these pics of the frenchies in water! They don’t look to at home in the water though lol! 🙂

posted by Wendy / 01.04.12 - 11:52 am

Frenchies in water! HOW CUTE!!!! Good find.

posted by Bunk / 01.08.12 - 3:18 pm

That first picture killed me! Lily never goes to the beach without her life vest and I’m surprised I ever see frenchies without their own! Puh, once when I was there a not-so-clever man told me to just teach her how to swim.

posted by Izabelle / 01.14.12 - 10:39 pm

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