Mixed Media Retro Dog Designs From GreenNest

Check out these canine collage pieces from Green Nest – amazing, right? All of her curious creatures (from dogs to deer) are brilliant and original without being too busy- this is paper-crafting at its finest!
boston terrier french bulldog and pug cards

Based out of Germany, Green Nest’s vintage poster prints are available internationally through her etsy store. And you can find more of her interior design updates and inspirations through her blog, as well as all sorts of custom graphic design work through http://www.vintagepapergoods.de/. Batpig and me think it’s all the bee’s knees!

About the Artist GreenNest:

My name is Claudia Schoen and I’m a 33 year old Graphic Designer with a web development background.

I live in Cologne, Germany and GreenNest is a boutique, brand and design studio based at my home.

Each item and design is handmade by myself and printed or sewed at home.

My work is colorful with whimsical designs which often include uplifting vintage images, papers and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and playful.

I specialize in children’s goods and art prints. I used to paint a lot in my childhood and always had a passion for different kinds of art.

I love the idea that all creatures may be wild and free and I’m influenced by 70s designs of my childhood and mostly inspired by nature.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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