The Life and Times of One Furry Frenchie: A Batpig-gram Story

The Baby Batpig and I have been enjoying following our French Bulldog and all other fuzzy friends on Instagram of late, so we thought we’d share a day in the life of the batpig, as seen through the lens of one iPhone camera app. You’ll note the batpig’s day is very rigorous- consisting of sleeping in, looking adorable, napping (on various objects and living creatures), playing, and then sleeping some more. It’s a hard life- but somedoggy has to do it!

hiding under the covers sleeping in batpig-frenchie-morningbatpig being very adorable batpig-plays-tug nap time slash meditation batpig whines for attention batpig uses toad as a pillow batpig licks his chops sleep on top of mom snuggle with teddy look very exhausted from a big day batpig hogs the pillows


For more of the hard-knock life of the batpig check us out and give us a shout (or bark, or tweet…):


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