Canine Christmas Skull and Crossbones from Chobopop


We’re not quite sure, but we think this Christmas time jolly roger has an element of dog to it! It’s yet another imaginative illustration from our incredibly talented friends at Chobopop whose work often features batpigs, Frenchies, and all things adorable!

Their Christmas-themed work is pretty extensive, and well worth exploring:

Merry Christmas! xmascard3 Merry Christmas!!! Morning Chill - Cold Feet

If you dig these designs, be sure to see our previous post featuring their work complete with a fun slide show!

Artist’s About:

CHOBOPOP are Amee and Csaba from Budapest, Hungary.
They create graphics, clothing and handcrafted toys.

For more illustration, toys, characters, and design from Chobopop you can check them out on Behance, Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr!

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