A Special Festive Fido Friday

So many of our fuzzy friends are getting decked out for the holidays, Batpig & Me decided to make this a special festive fido friday, and include our poochie pals from all over the web.

dec-9-festive-fido-fridayFrom top left: Piper Stone the Painting Bulldog, Gracie, KuguridoPrinceton Marino (Mr. P), Paris, Louis Lioncourt,  PenelopeXiam007, MileenaBelleMotoy, Hannibal the Bulldog, and Luna Bella

A Special Seasonal Pair:

Our pal Gracie (below and her human Jaymie are really getting into the true spirit of Christmas by fostering Spock (right) from the French Bulldog Rescue Network, and helping him to have the happy holiday he deserves! 

Gracie and Spock French Bulldogs

Gracie and FBRN Foster Dog Spock

We want to keep the holiday cheer going, so if you have more pictures to share, please send them our way!

For even more very merry Frenchie photos check out the Holiday Photo Contest over at FrenchieSpace.

Get in Touch!

Find more of our favorite furry friends check out the Fido Friday Barkives! And, if you’re already up there let us know if you have twitter, facebook, or blog info you’d like us to add to your info!

As always, let us know if you, or a canine pal would like to see your fuzzy mug in an upcoming Frenchie or Fido Friday via comments here, our Batpig & Me on Facebook, or @batpigandme on Twitter.

Stubby tail wags and face licks,

~Batpig & Me~


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