Bully Paws for Batpig’s Gift Guide


The batpig has heard rumors that humans as well as dogs just might get a gift or two from Santy-Paws (pending good behavior). So BullyPaws is a cruial stop on the batpig gift guide express since they have great accessories for humans and pooches alike. Liz (the bi-pedal artist behind the operation) hand draws the intricate silhouettes found on the classy and clever necklaces, keychains, and collar charms and tags offered at her shop on etsy!


BullyPaws necklaces, tags, and keychains.

The fun-factor is kicked up a notch with her line of mustachioed dogs, and her hand-drawn hearts will make any dog-lover swoon!

Her work isn’t restricted to bully breeds– you can find: boston terriers, chihuahuas, rotties, bassett hounds, weimeraners, mutts and more in her collection. You are also welcome to contact her via etsy for breed requests on certain items!

About BullyPaws:

I love all things dog, and I have a special love for Bully breeds, mainly Pit Bulls. I have now turned my dog obsession into a shop for dog lovers! I have many breeds available, and can draw most any breed you want!

For more photos check out: BullyPawsonEtsy on flickr


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