Squishfacedogs (all one word) is a well-designed, and delightfully adorable collection of dogs with squished faces (brachycephalic if you want to get all technical about it). They feature new friends almost everyday, and recently were kind enough to add the batpig into the pantheon of friends of squishfacedogs: Batpig . You can check out their stuff, and share your squishfaced pup with them on facebook and twitter as well as through their site: squishfacedogs.com!

Batpig & Me give them all the stubby tail wags and face licks we’ve got!

About Squishfacedogs:

A collection of dogs with squished faces. What’s not to love?

Squishfacedogs features PugsBoston TerriersFrench BulldogsEnglish Bulldogs,Shar PeisChow ChowsJapanese Chins and the like. All squishy and snorty brachycephalic canines welcome!



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