Frenchie Friday November 4

Its been a few weeks, but we’re happy to be back in action to wish some of our twitter Frenchie pals another fabulous Frenchie Friday!


This week’s featured friends (from top left): Fr_BullDogGaya, norico37, jinsound, Skipcheese, Carp_tv, okaan01, droppanch, MowLift, and the lovely-lashed rickey1026.

As always, let us know if you, or a canine pal would like to see your fuzzy mug in an upcoming Frenchie or Fido Friday via comments here, our Facebook Page, or @batpigandme on Twitter.

Also, check out our previous Fido Friday shout-outs to find more smush-faced friends worth following on Twitter.

Stubby tail wags and face licks,

Batpig & Me

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