Froggy Doggy Raincoat

French Bulldog Chikuwa in his new frog raincoat

As the photographer described:

I bought Chikuwa this new raincoat cause the old one is getting worn out after eight years.
Chikuwa LOVEs walking in the rain…

French Bulldog Chikuwa in his new frog raincoat by solutionsoap
French Bulldog Chikuwa in his new frog raincoat, a photo by solutionsoap on Flickr.

Artist’s About:

My name is Lynn.
I am from Taiwan and currently live in Japan with my partner and my awesome French Bulldog Chikuwa.
I update a doggie blog from time to time.

my lovely french bulldog chikuwa debuted on YouTube!

See how a french bulldog pulls the string to make his mouse shake, rattle & roll!!
Even dog should have their own personal mouse!…


where do you buy this raincoat? I have a boston terrier and would love one for him!

posted by melissa / 08.25.12 - 2:51 pm

I wish I knew! We tried to hunt it down, but the only leads we found were in Japan!

posted by Mara Averick / 08.25.12 - 3:18 pm

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posted by It’s Raining Cats and Dogs | wedo. / 04.25.13 - 5:20 pm

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