Harmony: Gorgeous Frenchie Girl Up for Adoption

If this fuzzy frenchie face doesn’t steal your heart, I’d check your pulse because you just might not have one… She’s in Southwest Michigan and up for adoption!harmony

Harmony is a gorgeous red-headed French Bulldog girl that is just 2 years old and in great health! She was living outdoors, and after her buddy died of heatstroke, her previous owners thought is was best to surrender her to FBRN.

Harmony is housebroken and doggie-door trained. She will go in her crate, although somewhat reluctantly. She enjoys a good Nylabone or a stuffie to de-stuff. She will pick up pretty much anything on the floor, so families must be careful of small objects. Harmony likes car rides and snuggle time. She hasn’t shown any toy aggression and has no bite history. She hasn’t shown any food aggression, but then again she is usually the first one done! She is quite the little piggy and will hurry and eat hers to then try and get someone else’s! She is fed separately in her foster home.

Harmony is a very happy girl and loves everyone she meets. She can get a little over excited and will jump up and nose punch you if you’re not careful. She enjoys playing with the other dogs in the house, but also loves a good snuggle on the couch. She tends to exert her dominant tendencies more often than not. Harmony likes to always know where her foster mom is and just about wears herself out following her around the house. Moderate exercise is fine with her, but will be necessary to keep her girlish figure since she likes to eat so much!

Harmony LOVES kids. There are two boys (ages 5 and 10) in her foster home and she absolutely loves them. She even did great at a birthday party with lots of kids. She’s all about attention and kisses!

Harmony likes to play with the resident Frenchie and Lab in her foster home. However, she didn’t see eye to eye with a previous Frenchie foster. Harmony is bossy and wants to be in charge! She needs a non-dominant doggie companion and possibly only male doggie companions in her forever home. SLOW introductions to the resident pack will be very important with this girl.

We will have to say no to potential adoptive families with cats. Harmony hasn’t been around them, but she tried to go through a window to get at a bunny in the yard, so we don’t think cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc. would be such a good idea.

Harmony would do fine with a single person or couple, but a family with children would be great as she loves kids! Parents would just need to be mindful of keeping toys picked up and watch-out for her jumping when she is excited. Dog savvy younger kids or kids over 8 would be best. Other dogs would be fine, as long as they are laid-back and submissive. Harmony wants to be the only diva of the house! A house with a fenced yard would be preferred as Harmony tends to bark a lot and that may not go over so well in an apartment setting.

Harmony is used to having someone home most of the day. She does fine in her crate (even though she would rather not be there), so while someone home all day is always preferred, an afternoon break would work as well. We think Harmony would really enjoy going to work with someone and she is sure to make your work day much better!

Here is what Harmony’s foster mom has to say, “Harmony is just a little ray of sunshine in our house. Everyone in our house is completely smitten with her. She is sweet, loving, cuddly and gets so excited when she sees someone. When I let her out of the kennel in the morning she likes to nibble on my toes as I walk across the floor. She is the smallest in the house but struts around like she is the biggest. She is just the best little dog who deserves a home as wonderful as she is.”

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo. Except in rare or unusual cases, adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. In rare or unusual cases, FBRN may be able to assist in transporting a dog to a volunteer near the adopter’s home, but the expense of transporting the dog must be the responsibility of the adopting party.

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Location: Southwest Michigan

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 24 lbs

Kids: Yes, 8 and older

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Fenced Yard: Preferred

Fee: $600

Via FBRN Available Dogs

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