God Save the French Bulldog

This ‘God Save the French Bulldog‘ t-shirt from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection Pariero Cawaii (Kawaii?) is on SALE for the low, low price of 2,766 yen! It’s also available in: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Yorkie, and Poodle.

God Save the French Bulldog

The Pariero Mall (which we was lucky enough to be introduced to via our Tokyo-based frenchie pal and talented frenchie fashion designer @miemomopurin) is a never-ending world of delight!

Buhitney/Paris Erotica (I think) is just one of the brands sold there…please please please correct me if I’m wrong. And is the maker of this super-rad shirt that I would snatch up myself immediately if I had any yen on hand!

☆ PARIERO CAWAII ☆ Spring & Summer 2011 

is the appearance in vintage T-shirt designs and types of dogs in FUNKY COOL!! 
design parodies the famous British art punk band that is artistic in scandalous (^_^) v 
The & necklace crown print Chan Fureburu dressed QUEEN plus ☆ sense of gorgeous subjected to sparkling studs 
★ point is hidden even pierced with the tongue and ear-chan Fureburu 
so perfectly compatible with bottoms various kinds ♪ ♪ Cody Nate Memasu easy 100% cotton (jersey super) detailed sizesize guide please see the other dogs in the series version is here → * Chihuahua * poodle * Dachshund * Yorkie * * Spring / Summer 2011 Collection # news 18 * GOD SAVE THE DOG * [Note] This item is being sale items. We can not accept returned or exchanged, Please note.


コットン100% (スーパー天竺)
サイズ詳細は サイズガイド をご覧下さい
*同シリーズの他犬種バージョンはこちら→ CHIHUAHUA * POODLE * DACHSHUND * YORKIE *
*Spring/Summer 2011 コレクションニュース#18 *GOD SAVE THE DOG*


Published on Sep 21, 2011
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