FreBull.Info: A Batpig/Buhi Community

Allow me to be very clear here: I have little to no idea what’s going on over at , but that doesn’t mean I don’t obsessively look at it pretty much every day of the week. From what I gather, it’s a community of French Bulldog sites (see their translated description below), on which there are a number of adorable “buhi” (Japanese term for Frenchie) in insanely creative outfits, poses, and states of bully-ness (which are conveniently captioned and explained if you happen to speak read Japanese). As far as I’m concerned, that’s all I need to know…


I hope to feature many of these blogs individually, as they are awesome in any language, but here’s a sampling for now!

太陽☆サン☆SUN梅松LIFE-Got Dog?-よしおときんたの大冒険♪hana hana hana 花が咲くにまめ日記『はなの日記』ぶうおこな。クリクリ エブリデイ♪NEWS BUHIRIKI☆★BUHIろぐ☆★フレブル ゆずっち日記うちのおとめさん・カブキちゃんライフのブログキョウコノゴロ☆ブブカのががぶ~パオ姉さんとやんちゃ葵の日常ぱんログ

Greetings from the French Bulldog Plaza

French Bulldog Plaza is a French Bulldog is a community site. French Bulldog sites and updates the blog, is the main board. Photos and pictures, as the site is full of fun illustrations and diaries as a wonderful site. French Bulldog interest in the site tour starting point. Neighbors looking prefecture page is also full of fun I like looking for relatives to register the dogs.


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