Weebie the Beastlie – Leslie Levings

Leslie Levings’ ‘Beastlies’ have always had a batpig-esque quality about them. Some for their actual features, but mainly there’s just an impish quality about them that I love. From her ‘cute and dangerous‘ show, to the hand-crafted little monsters (each with a personality of its own) available at her store, Levings’ work is an imaginative delight.

Weebie (below) and the batpig have an added level of similarity in their dislike for long car rides- we hope the batpig stops twitching soon too!

Weebie the Beastlie

Weebie doesn’t like driving in cars. He’s still a little antsy from our road trip to San Francisco, but we feel certain that he’ll stop twitching soon.

Weebie the Beastlie

via Leslie Leavings- Weebie the Beastlie.

For more Beastlie goodness check out the ever-expanding collection of Beastlies on flickr.


All Sculpted Beastlies, a set by Leslie Levings on Flickr.

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