Putting the Recess in Recession

I’m sure (or, at least, hope) I’m not the only one who has collected a sort of diaspora of internet identities over the years… We’ve all learned the modern lessons of turning privacy settings on and off, not having every minute of our adolescence tagged on facebook etc., but it’s all too easy to forget the shiner side of this identity diffusion- discovering forgotten creations!

Long-story short(er) I’d long-forgotten my pre-Adobe CS5 owning days of using polyvore to make visual mashups, which, incidentally, coincided with my navigating DC via any form of transportation that did not require my memorizing which lanes went in which direction at various times of day down Connecticut Avenue… An experience I referred to, at the time, as ‘putting the recess back in recession’:



Rollin’ by batpigandme featuring bamboo shoes
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