Abstract French Bulldog Vinyl Figure

Abstract French Bulldog front

Originally uploaded by zpgoodell

Artist Zeb Goodell, inspired by his own French Bulldog “Montague,” combined two of my most favorite things in the world with this one: Frenchies, and vinyl toys! Pictures of Kidrobot’s Dunny figurines are often sent to me as “batpig look-alikes,” but Goodell takes it to a whole new level!

I love this piece both as the owner of a fawn frenchie, and an artist. Goodell has extracted the precise colors that I often find evasive when trying to create a batpig effigy- from the ruddy lines that streak below the eyes, to the dark tones of the lower jaw. I also love how he’s chosen to deal with the “belly”- it’s something that’s often skipped over in frog dog illustration, and the batpig and I are happy to see an artist proud of the warm pink undercarriage of our Frenchie friends.

For more of Goodell’s work check out his flickr stream or visit his webpage at: http://www.zebgoodell.com/


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