Fat Bunnies and Frenchies: Greeting Cards from FatBunnyPress

Fat Bunny Press, run by artist Eva Hamden, has a gorgeous collection of cards featuring French Bulldogs. They strike a perfect balance between simplicity and artful-detail, and capture that upward round-eyed gaze that Frenchie owners come to know so well. The cards, available through the San Francisco-based outfit’s etsy store, are of the highest quality (they use paper made by the iconic Crane Paper co.), and are sure to capture the hearts of frog-dog fanatics and stationary-junkies (such as myself) alike.

4 French Bulldog Cards

Frenchie Assortment Four-Pack

French bulldog thank you cardFrenchie Thank You

French bulldog stuck on u cardStuck on U

French bulldog with heart cardFrenchie in Love

Frenchie Birthday CardFrenchie Birthday Card

Frenchie Plain Notecard

Frenchie Plain Notecard


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