X-Treme Frenchie Clothes

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french bulldog in snowsuidt

Yesterday the batpig, Toad (my black lab) and I took advantage of the clear weather to hit up the beach. We all had a great time, and batpig was happy as could be while running around with his soccer ball. However, with winds gusting up to 32 mph his coat was not staying on, and, despite my sacrificing my cashmere scarf to the cause, it was a pretty shivery ride home.

All of this, as you might have guessed, is a prelude to why I wish I had these coveralls by Alpha Icon on hand (yes, they are based in Japan). I found it via a blog by @earth_log Ro Immediately Tomorrow (again, the translation isn’t great, but I like imagining what “uplifying syrup” could be).

As fun as it can be to see the batpig in various states of dress, I try to spare him the hassel of wearing “faux-fur” when it’s not necessary, but this is incredibly well-designed and made with utility in mind! The batpig may have his own fur to keep him warm, but sometimes it’s just no match for the New England weather!

I’m pretty sure the Google Translation into English doesn’t do the product justice:

Playing in the snow from your walk everyday, very active in various scenes from wading in the river and the sea.The evolution does not feel comfortable, stress pro-piece is perfect for the dog act.

Translation aside, the graphics and “specs” sections say enough to convince me that this is yet another item going on my “we need to start importing frenchie stuff from Japan stat” list! I’m pretty sure the batpig will thank me!


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