Señor Picklesworth: a Mexican Chihuahua Who Draws A British Frenchie

I’d never have guessed that a chihuahua could capture the essence of Frenchie charm so well, but leave it to Señor picklesworth whose latest in his line of friends is a British French Bulldog named Mycroft, who was introduced to the world in late January:

F.Y.I. Mycroft

You can follow Picklesworth’s adventures in his blog, but, perhaps more importantly, you can order the incredible range of handmade stationary, stickers, accessories, and even cupcake decorations (as well as the option to order custom design) available through his site: Señor Picklesworth, where you can also find Picklesworth’s other pals (including a pug, a poodle, and a boston terrier)!


For a great in-depth article about the artist behind all the magic check out the interview and giveaway contest on “A Lovely Little Deer.” Also check out even-more stuff on Señor Picklesworth’s etsy shop!

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